Product Inspection

Product/Inventory Inspection

Get Your Product Inventory Inspected Before It Is Shipped to Amazon Fulfillment Center. 

Inventory Inspection Is A Highly-Valuable Service Which Ensures That Your Product Quantity And Quality Is As Promised By The Supplier

Avoid The Chance Of Supplier Fraud, And Get Your Inventory Inspected To Avoid Huge Monetary Losses.

When you are investing thousands of dollars in sourcing your inventory, you need to be absolutely sure that the product delivery from the supplier is as per the industry standards, and the quantity of inventory isn’t below the promised amount.

Our team in China receives the inventory on your behalf and conducts a thorough inventory inspection to make sure that each unit is as per the required standard. We also do a unit count to make sure that the amount of units matches the ordered amount.

You can depend on E-Commerce Galaxy for a reliable and trustworthy product inspection service. Upon the completion of inspection, we make a detailed report of the inventory and send it to you for checking. Once you are satisfied with the report, we accept the supplier delivery and forward the shipment to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

This is a key service that can save your business from any potential fraudulent suppliers. By hiring us for product inspection you safeguard your investment and avoid monetary losses.

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