Sample Testing

Making Sure Your Products Meet The Quality Standards

Our Team In China Tests Your Product Samples & Ensure They Are Fit For Selling On Amazon

Get Visual Evidence Of Sample Testing And Get Valuable Feedback On Product Quality.

We have an office in China where our team will receive the product samples and thoroughly inspect them to ensure that it meets all the quality standards and are fit for selling on Amazon.

You also get a full report of the sample testing, in addition to the video evidence. This gives you the peace of mind that your product is of good quality and that you have invested in a safe product. Our team of experts will also provide you feedback on your product if there is any room for improvement, or if we have any valuable input to add value to your business.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast & efficient customer support service.
  • Offices in China to accommodate your product sourcing transactions.
  • Fastest turnaround-time for sample testing.
  • Affordable sample testing service.
  • Reliable inspections guaranteed with video proof.

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