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Are you selling on Amazon? Then, you know how many traders use this platform to make a living.
The internet is filled with people who claim to be Amazon experts. This makes it difficult to identify genuine trainers.

E-Commerce Galaxy is here to help you out!

We not only provide you informative videos for selling on Amazon FBA, but also train you to become the best Amazon sellers.

Our videos have been created to help you grow faster and increase your revenue. If your sales are not increasing at a rate at which you like, you will find our Amazon content to be extremely useful.

Amazon FBA Sellers Love Galaxy Accelerator Video Course

The reason why Amazon sellers love our comprehensive FBA training program is because we have the most up-to-date and comprehensive course in the market.

Even if you are new to Amazon, you will find our videos to be extremely informative and easy-to-learn from.

Amazon is the largest platform to sell things online.

Goods worth over $280 billion were sold last year alone and that number is only likely to rise each year.

Therefore, it makes sense to sign up for our Galaxy Accelerator Video Course that offers 120+ videos on Amazon FBA related topics.

What Is Covered In Galaxy Accelerator?

There are a variety of videos included in the Galaxy Accelerator program which provide you the right kind of training that you need to run an Amazon FBA business.

We offer 120+ videos that cover everything related to Amazon FBA. These videos are based on training, tips, tricks, guidelines, and more useful information.

This comprehensive course on Amazon FBA will fully equip you to find success in e-commerce.

Complete Amazon Training

Learn each and every single detail, fact, and secret about selling on Amazon.

The course spans just a few weeks and allows you to learn everything in bite size.

This allows you to complete the entire course with ease, whenever you want.

Some of the things that you will learn include high ROI advertising, creating effective listings, practices for dealing with suppliers, selecting winning products, and much more.

Learn to write listings, grow your sales, and much more.

There are hours and hours’ worth of training content and resources that you can use to take your business to the next level.

Learn from FBA Experts

Our FBA training course is made by FBA experts who have found immense success on Amazon.

This means that you get to learn from experts who have successfully launched hundreds of products and have mentored hundreds of students.

Why Should You Invest In It?

Investing in our Amazon FBA training program has many perks.

From the moment you create an account, you will find plenty of resources that will teach you everything about finding success on Amazon.

Gain Traffic and Trust

One of the main reasons why Amazon sellers should invest in our Amazon FBA training program is because we help you generate traffic and trust.

With millions of people using Amazon every hour, you need to gain their trust if you want them to buy from you.

Hands-On Approach

Our Amazon FBA training program provides you with a hands-on experience of what it is like to sell on Amazon.

Our Amazon experts are leaders in the field of e-commerce and they have tested different techniques to find out what works best.

Course Outline


  • Welcome to Module 1
  • Meet your Instructor Zeeshan Jalil
  • Course and Dashboard Overview
  • Right Mindset towards Success
  • Watching course at double speed

Amazon Account

  • Welcome to Module 2
  • Amazon Anatomy
  • Basic Business Requirements
  • Selling on Amazon (USA)
  • Selling on Amazon (Internationally)
  • Creating your first Amazon account
  • Essential Amazon Glossary
  • Understand your budget and expenses
  • What to expect when you start
  • Walkthrough on Amazon Seller Central

Tools & Important Stuff

  • Welcome to Module 3
  • Helium10 Walkthrough
  • Viral Launch Walkthrough
  • Jungle Scout Walkthrough
  • What is UPC
  • What is FNSKU
  • Understanding Amazon Fees

Picking Profitable Product

  • Welcome to Module 4
  • Product Research with Helium10
  • Product Research with Jungle Scout
  • Product Research with Viral Launch.
  • Product Research with -string
  • Product Research with Amazon
  • Product Research with Alibaba
  • Product Research with Rebates Websites
  • Product Research with Unknown Websites
  • Product Research with Spy on Sellers
  • Product Research with Influencers
  • Product Research with Top Amazon Reviewers
  • Checklist to Validate Product Ideas
  • Validating and Choosing your First Product
  • Advance Validation of Product Idea
  • Product Differentiation
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Checking Trends
  • Getting Ungated in a Category
  • Become an expert in your product

Branding for Success

  • Welcome to Module 5
  • Branding Explained
  • Picking A Brand Name
  • Validating the Brand Name
  • Creating a Brand Logo
  • Difference Between Brand and Non-Brand
  • Buying a Domain name and Creating an Email account
  • Creating your Brand Website
  • Creating your Brand Facebook Page
  • Creating Brand Content

Sourcing Your Product

  • Welcome to Module 6
  • Overview and Goals
  • Incoterms Explained
  • Finding Suppliers
  • Different Types of Suppliers
  • How to find the Competitor’s Supplier
  • Hide your supplier with this
  • Talking Template
  • Be Smart And Communicate Quick
  • Negotiation Tips
  • Ordering Samples
  • The samples are here! What’s Next
  • Picking the Perfect Supplier
  • How much to Order
  • Purchase Order and Proforma Invoice
  • Packaging of Product
  • Packaging Inserts for Getting Reviews
  • Paying your Suppliers
  • Custom Duties and HS code
  • Actual Weight VS Volumetric Weight
  • GTIN Exemption
  • Amazon Prep Requirements
  • Buying UPCs
  • Printing your FNSKU
  • Inspection of Product
  • Shipping of Inventory

Think Like a Big Seller

  • Welcome to Module 7
  • Brand Registry
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • Save your account from these Activities
  • Understanding Amazon A9 Algorithm

Listing And Pre-Launch Activities

  • Welcome to Module 8
  • Product Listing Explained
  • Weightage of Listing Parts
  • Making Converting Images
  • Testing Images for Better Performance
  • Crafting the Perfect Listing That Sells
  • Launching Price for Best Results
  • Creating Your Listing Inside Amazon
  • Using Flat Files
  • Related Video Shorts
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Creating Product Video
  • Brand Analytics Walkthrough
  • Setting Up Coupons
  • Setting Up Promotional Discounts
  • Finalizing Keywords to Launch
  • Tracking Keywords
  • Super URL Explained
  • Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  • Getting Reviews on Amazon

Launch and Rank

  • Welcome to Module 9
  • Creating your Fanpage
  • Linking your Fan Page to Manychat
  • Linking Google Drive account to Manychat
  • Manychat Overview
  • Messenger TOS and Tags
  • Master the Bots system
  • Overview of Flow
  • Overview of SpreadSheets
  • Creating Super URL
  • Editing the Manychat Flow

Setting up Facebook Ads

  • Welcome to Module 10
  • Creating FB ad image
  • Your Facebook Ads Copy
  • Setting up your Facebook Ad
  • Testing your Facebook Ad
  • Keeping your Ad Cost Low
  • How to Create a LLA Audience

Email Automation Setup

  • Welcome to Module 11
  • Which email automation software to use
  • Best Practices
  • Template Explained
  • Cameo Usage

PPC Campaigns

  • Welcome to Module 12
  • Amazon PPC Basics
  • Campaign Types
  • Setting up Auto Campaigns
  • Setting up Manual Campaigns
  • Product Targeting Campaign
  • Optimizing PPC Campaigns


  • Welcome to Module 13
  • What to do After the First Product Launch
  • Let VA’s Run your Business


  • Tracking Product Performance Spreadsheet
  • Amazon Seller Support
  • Out of Stock. Now What?
  • Reporting Hijackers
  • Getting Trademarks with Amazon Accelerator Program
  • Keep Track of your Accounts

Master Resource Document


After completion of full course, You will be awarded a Galaxy Accelerator Certificate by City of London College. 

Ready to start ?

Fee: $140.00 for one Year

Discounted Fee: $60 for one Year 

Advantages of Galaxy Accelerator
Benefit from the following by using our training service.

Help with Finding a Product

It can be difficult to find a product to sell on Amazon. This is why you need to sign up for our program.


Launch a Product

An added advantage of signing up is that you receive help with launching a product into your desired market.


Lead-Generation Magnet

Our program helps you turn your listing into a lead magnet. Make a powerful listing that instantly converts traffic and allows you to achieve your financial objectives.


Guidance for Tools:

Galaxy Accelerator provides guidance on a wide range of tools that cover each part of the Amazon seller process.

Finding Good Suppliers

Seek assistance with finding the right suppliers that very few people know about.


Learn to Beat Competition

As more people are becoming Amazon sellers, the competition is intense. Our course will teach you how to beat competition and become a leader in your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of from City of London College after successfully meeting all the requirements of course completion.

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