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Galaxy Network Is A Private Community For E-Commerce Enthusiasts And Business Owners

Network With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs, Learn Key Skills, And Excel At Selling On Amazon Through Exclusive Masterclasses Designed To Help You Get Ahead Of Your Competitors. Our Galaxy Network is currently offering following.

Amazon Wholesale

Amazon FBA

The Galaxy Network Philosophy

We have built this community-driven platform to give a voice to each member, to get involved, to brainstorm, to create, to share, to motivate, and to strengthen each other. We believe strong communities are built on mutual trust, a drive to help others, and the will to grow together. Our vision for this platform is to cultivate strong bonds, interpersonal relationships, and overall a high-functioning community that lends a hand to pick others up. If you believe in these values, you are a great fit for this platform.

With Galaxy Network, you get the unique opportunity to be on the same platform as several other e-commerce entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journeys. Each entrepreneur has a unique experience and valuable information to offer. Feel free to interact with other members, ask questions, share valuable information, or collaborate with them for mutual success.

Who Is On Galaxy Network?


Business owners, just like you, share the same platform as you. So, take this opportunity to build your own network, facilitate the exchange of helpful information, collaborate, and get inspiration from the success stories.

Trainers & E-commerce Experts

The Galaxy Network space is also shared by trainers and e-commerce experts. They offer regular masterclasses on a wide variety of topics related to Amazon FBA. Utilize this opportunity to stay on top of the latest news, information, tips & tricks, rules & regulations, and much more. When you rub shoulders with trainers and experts, you are bound to learn a lot from their knowledge and experience, which makes Galaxy Network a beneficial opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Why Should I Choose Galaxy Network?

  • Being surrounded by a community of multiple sellers and trainers on one platform could help you build key skills that are vital for your success.
  • Share problems; get instant advice and solutions from the Galaxy Network community, and our experts.
  • Get access to regular masterclasses with exclusive content.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest in the world of e-commerce.


After completion of full course and successfully launched a product on Amazon FBA, You will be awarded a Certificate from City of London College

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the duration of the Galaxy Amazon Training Network Program?

The duration of the Galaxy Training Network Program is 1 year. During this tenure of one year, we will assist you in the evaluation of your product and will also guide you through the launch strategy etc.

If I enroll in Galaxy Training Network Program, will I have access to any other programs?

Yes, you will get access to Galaxy Video Library Program.

Do I need to select 1 particular program after enrolling in this course?

Yes! You are going to have two choices to choose from. You may choose from Amazon FBA Private Label or Amazon FBA Wholesale

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from City of London College after successfully meeting all the requirements of course completion.

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