Galaxy Amazon PPC Training Program

Discover the Most Important Amazon PPC Factors & Increase Your Product Position on Search Results!

Amazon is now a totally aggressive market and Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the smartest ways to enhance the awareness of your product and promote it fast. With its increasing popularity, you will be amazed to know that Amazon is now the third most popular platform meant for advertising purposes after Google and Facebook.

If you’re a novice who hasn’t set up Sponsored Products or a skilled seller who is looking to lower PPC costs and escalate profit – all with the help of a true Amazon and PPC professional, then enroll in our Galaxy Amazon PPC Training Course today! If you are one of those who are already into trading over Amazon and want to upscale Amazon PPC Advertisements, you may have some common questions:

  • What should be the budget window that should be set aside for Amazon PPC?
  • What kinds of advertisements are there?
  • How can we create powerful PPC ads?

The good news is that our comprehensive Galaxy Amazon PPC Training Course will assist you in answering all these questions and much more!

Who is this course for?


Brand owners


Marketing managers


Online marketers


Amazon FBA sellers


Amazon sellers with Amazon Seller Central Account selling their own private label products on Amazon

Duration: 02 Months

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What does the course include?

Amazon PPC is a very broad topic to apprehend. There are various complexities that a seller must understand to be able to successfully market his products. For the sake of simplicity, we will be exploring this topic in greater detail. That being said, here’s what you will be learning at Amazon PPC Training Course!

1)           What you want to achieve with PPC? (New launch/Old listing, Increasing sales/Brand   Awareness/Optimize ACOS)

2)           Listing Quality & Keyword Research.

3)           Different Sponsored Ad Types.

4)           Understanding Targeting Types.

5)           Building all types of Targeting Campaigns.

6)           Understanding and Implementing Placements.

7)           Check performance of campaigns using Console & Reports.

8)           Optimizing Campaigns using Advertising Console.

9)           Understanding Bulk sheet & Creating/Optimizing Campaigns using it.

10)         Basic knowledge of Graphic Designing to improve images and to create EBC of Listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Trainer for this course and how much experience does he hold?

Mr. Waleed Imtiaz Janjua, a new addition to E-Commerce Galaxy family will be the trainer for Galaxy Amazon PPC Training Program. Mr. Waleed is a Professional Campaign and Listing Readiness Expert and has been practicing as an Amazon Seller for the past 3 years. He brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing PPC, and Amazon Ranking. He is well-versed with the varying learning needs of the individuals and ensures a collective and individual learning environment as per need.

How long does the Galaxy Amazon PPC Training Program take to complete?

You should expect a maximum of 2 months to complete the course and get the certification.

For Gold Package, (Package 2) featuring Face-to-Face Interactive Training with the expert, where will that training be held?

The training will be held at E-Commerce Galaxy’s Lahore Office.

What skills do I need for this course?

This is a distinctive program that has been specifically articulated to take an all about approach towards Google AdWords or PPC training. The course is ideal for all career level individuals including students, professionals, graduates as well as business owners.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from City of London College after successfully meeting all the requirements of course completion.

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