Galaxy eBay Selling

A unique and intuitive eBay training program designed especially for young entrepreneurs, business-minded people, small and medium-sized enterprises.

With E-Commerce Galaxy eBay selling training, take your business to the next level and reach new heights!

E-Commerce Galaxy is working with industry experts and professionals to educate the youth regarding different online platforms. From these exciting and beneficial platforms, they can earn their livelihood and set up their own business. Being an entrepreneur is no more a dream! With correct guidance and support, anyone can be a successful businessman.

eBay Training Journey

The training journey with E-Commerce Galaxy will comprise five crucial steps. At each step, you’ll learn the essential tips and tricks to survive on the platform. It’s time to become a successful eBay entrepreneur with the correct mentorship.

Intro to eBay selling and Account Setup
  • An Insight into eBay Drop shipping/Selling.
  • Analysis of different marketplaces.
  • The Setup for Your eBay Store (The RIGHT Way).
  • Standard Policies for eBay Business.
  • Site Preferences and Return Setting.
Pre-Sale Tasks
  • How to Identify Top Suppliers.
    List of recommended and not reminded suppliers.
  • Product research technique no.1
  • Product research technique no.2
  • Product research technique no.3
  • Different automation softwares and our recommended one.
  • Setup Your Automation Software.
  • Final Things to Check Up before listing.
  • Product listing in best way.
    Title Optimization.
During Sale Strategies
  • Automation Software issues and their solution.
  • EBay Payment Holds.
    How to increase Listing Limits.
  • Benefits of store subscription.
  • Stop Irritating E-mails from eBay.
  • Precautions for Initial 90 Days.
  • Yay! Here Goes Your First Sale.
  • Orders fulfilment from Amazon.
  • Orders fulfilment from Walmart.
  • Out Of Stock Issues (and Ways To Avoid Them).
  • Price increase issues and their solution.
After Sale Tasks
  • Uploading Tracking Numbers.
  • Galaxy Customer Service Scripts.
  • Handling customer services.
  • Order Cancellations and Annulments.
  • Cases Where Items are Not Received.
  • How to handle Returns.
  • Bookkeeping Matters.
  • Organizing Buyers Information.
Tips and Tricks
  • Tips for Never To Lose Money on a Sale.
  • Using Cash Back to maximize your profit.
  • Using SpotNPaste to utilize time.
  • What if My Buyer Views The Source’s Invoice?
  • How to Increase Positive Feedback.
  • Removing Negative Feedback.
  • Tricks to Maximize Your Profit.
  • Using Coupons to Increase Profits.
  • Tax Exemption at Amazon.
  • Tax Exemption at Walmart.

Duration: 06 Months

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E-Commerce Galaxy eBay Selling Training

With us, now learn how to sell on the eBay platform and build a successful business. Our beginners to advanced training will help you learn:

  • How to sell on the eBay platform the right way, with maximum ROI, sales, profits, and continuous income generation.
  • Crucial tips and tricks with prominent strategies that promise success on the platform and exceptional visibility.
  • Inside secrets from the experts and professional who has proven track record of helping over 100,000 youngsters to sell on eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from City of London College after successfully meeting all the requirements of course completion.

Who is the trainer?

Muhammad Ali Fraz

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