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Galaxy eBay Selling

Find out, identify, and master your passion for selling on eBay. You can fulfill your dream for ideal professional growth with E-Commerce Galaxy, where certified courses, established practical knowledge, and activities are designed for new entrepreneurs. Get this life-altering opportunity to start your unbeatable career now by growing your business from home.

Fee: $270.00, $220.00

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Start Date

All the enrolled students are advised to take official classes formally from January 15th, 2022 onwards.


Course Duration

The total course duration is 6 months. 2 classes/week are conducted in the first two months. In the third month, practice on live eBay accounts. Premium support to students for another 3 months in handling clients and to help them troubleshoot issues related to selling on eBay.

Final Submission

In the final report, the students are required to write a comprehensive report of their final eBay start-up business.

Who is This Course for ?

All the young entrepreneurs, freelancers, women looking for work from home, university students, small-scale business owners, and anyone interested in selling on eBay.

A premium learning experience

Unlock the Secrets of a Successful and Authentic Career as an eBay Seller

Our aspirants come to us for the overarching learning experience as a Seller on eBay. From the start till the end, we condition you for your success with proven methods, mindset, and perspective for a true eBay selling career. Moreover, our expert trainers are pioneering the industry and delivered well-tested knowledge for your inspirational success since the inception of digital trading. Subscribing to our certified course is a benchmark to your empowerment through these five essential steps for eBay Seller success.

Exclusive Zoom Sessions

A fast-paced, smooth and uninterrupted Zoom Session with our experts will help you discover the world of selling.


Fun activities and interactive assignments

Hands-on experience to master the art of selling in the real world. Our activities are thoughtfully designed to enhance your communication skills for your success.

Live Hands-on Trainning

Instructor-led live Hands-on eBay Training demonstrated through interactive discussion. Includes hands-on practice with the fundamentals of eBay on LIVE eBay accounts.

Reliable methods for client retention

We believe that clients are just like the family. For a successful business, making a lasting relationship with your clients is the crucial skill you will learn in this course.

Discover high-end features of our eBay training program

Craft your own success by learning these powerful skills

IWhether you are a student, housewife, or small-scale entrepreneur who wants to learn meanwhile crafting your own career, the eBay selling training program is designed for your success.

Get started as a seller

The training starts with market research, account set-up, logistics, and knowledge about fees.

An overview of eBay marketplace

Get first-hand knowledge about what it’s like to work on eBay, Its benefits, and smart tools to get ahead in the game.

Leveling up as a seller

Learn to read and analyze metric tools and management data.

Setting up inventory

Setting up inventory needs knowledge of the basic facts, policies, and tips to keep the store up-to-date conveniently.


Here, we learn strategies for customer retention after the sale.

Marketing tools

In the technological era, learn essential marketing tools to skyrocket your sales.

Become a professional

The course includes mental building and perception orientation for an impeccable career.

A great opportunity to build your business successfully

This course is designed to give you the edge, sharing processes proven to help build a successful eBay seller.

Earn Passive Income from home

At last, how to make, sustain, and skyrocket your business from home. Great opeion for stay-at-home females.

Grab your seat and transform your selling career

Perks of enrolling in the Our eBay Training Course

E-Commerce Galaxy’s eBay training course entails everything. We are side by side with you from setting up your account, your first sale, making sales, after-sale, and other essential tricks of the trade.

Account Set-up and Basic Knowledge
  • What is Dropshipping/Selling.
  • How to analyze marketplaces.
  • The right way to set up an eBay Store.
  • Facts and figures of eBay Business.
  • Site Preferences and Return Setting.
Pre-Sale Skills
  • Engaging top suppliers.
  • Working with top suppliers.
  • Strategies and techniques of product research no.1
  • Strategies and techniques of product research no.2
  • Strategies and techniques of product research no.3
  • Knowing Automation Softwares.
  • Set Up your Automation Software.
  • Final Things to Check Up before listing.
  • The best Ways of the Product listing.
  • Title Optimization.
During Sale Skills
  • Automation Software troubleshooting.
  • eBay Payment Holds.
  • How to increase Listing Limits.
  • Benefits of store subscription.
  • Things to consider in the first 90 Days.
  • Yay! Here Goes Your First Sale.
  • Orders fulfillment from Amazon.
  • Orders fulfillment from Walmart.
  • Out Of Stock Issues (and Ways To Avoid Them).
  • Price increase issues and their solution.
After-Sale Skills
  • Uploading Tracking Numbers.
  • Galaxy Customer Service Scripts.
  • Handling customer services.
  • Order Cancellations and Annulments.
  • Cases Where Items are Not Received.
  • How to handle Returns.
  • Bookkeeping Matters.
  • Organizing Buyers Information.
Tricks of the trade
  • Tips for Never To Lose Money on a Sale.
  • Using Cash Back to maximize your profit.
  • Using SpotNPaste to utilize time.
  • What if My Buyer Views The Source’s Invoice?
  • How to Increase Positive Feedback.
  • Removing Negative Feedback.
  • Tricks to Maximize Your Profit.
  • Using Coupons to Increase Profits.
  • Tax Exemption at Amazon.
  • Tax Exemption at Walmart.

Fulfill Your Dreams

You can fulfill your dream for ideal professional growth with E-Commerce Galaxy, where certified courses, established practical knowledge, and activities are designed for new entrepreneurs. Get this life-altering opportunity to start your unbeatable career now by growing your business from home.

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