Who We Are?

We are education entrepreneurs contributing to the digitalization of businesses. Our combined experience is now transforming the traditional business practices to digitize enterprises. We strive to improve financial lives of entrepreneurs and scale the business cycles. Globalization through E-Commerce is our contribution to the society and their economies.  

Our Vision

To provide skills to anyone wanting to offer goods and services on line.  Through the application of these skills; fostering digital entrepreneurship, providing employment opportunities in their respective communities and improving our customers financial lives.

Our Mission

It is our belief that we must serve the needs of the individual, the enterprises and the communities enriching them with the skills to undertake e-commerce activities.  Therefore, the E-Commerce Galaxy has a mission:

  • To facilitate access to technological training in e-commerce.
  • To create a learning environment which supports personal development and enable our students to acquire the necessary knowledge and the appropriate skills to create e-commerce opportunities
  • To help contribute to the well-being of the enterprises and economies of their communities.

We will achieve this by: 


Valuing, and developing to the full, the contribution of our staff


Working closely with our students to maximise their potential


Providing training and learning opportunities for students and staff


Contributing to secure commercial opportunities in e-commerce for our clients

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