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January 18, 2022


One tested way for us to find success is to learn from the experiences of others. Our incredible guest, Ahmed Shaikh Memon is a specialist in E-Commerce and #Amazon #Seller because of his experience in the field from the dawn of digital selling.

The #webinar is hosted by non-other than Shuaib Mansoor Aslam. He will be asking revealing questions to the famous Ahmed Shaikh Memon shedding light on his professional journey. How he started his journey and what brought him to be this successful. He will share his valuable experience which will be insightful for all of you!

Tune in to find out how #product launch #strategy can off-shoot your selling trajectory and burst myths about the benefits of a giveaway during product launch. Find yourself a way to attend the incredible webinar, if you are an #ECommerce and Amazon seller and want to get at the top of the digital world.

Highlights of the Webinar:
• Learn ways of viable Product Metrics for #PPC Launch
• Talk about the Significance of Retail Readiness in eCommerce #Business
• Tips about finding Gaps in Niche for PPC Launch based Products
• Strategies and plans for Initial Sales without PPC or Giveaways a Myth.

We are sure this insightful talk with Ahmed Shaikh Memon is one of those events that can change your entire perception!

Tune in on this Thursday 20, January and make use of this important session!

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